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The Musicians of Bremen is a satirical farce in the style of a Panto. Using the town of Bremen as a stand-in for New Orleans this farce for all ages examines the absurd effect gentrification has on a town built by artistry and going against the grain. The story follows four animal musicians as they attempt to keep their gig at a local club in spite of the intentions of a ne'er do well developer. With antics similar to a classic muppet show and replete with a door-slamming sequence to rival the best productions of Noises Off, "Bremen" puts the two-step back into a holiday theater experience. 

Review: Musicians of Bremen Sings with joy for Adults and Kids Alike (Ted Mahne for

  • For the second year, Le Petit has created an appealing show to please the whole family.
  • Children enjoy cheering on the heroes of the tale and hissing at the villains and their antics. However, Greene ensures that there is much to appeal to the adults in the audience, as well...Such themes as gentrification, noise ordinances and master plans may fly over the heads of the children but the pointed satire, along with some bawdy double entendres, are delivered with a wink and a nod to the grownups.
  • There is a clever structure to the piece, including variations on classic farce, that are quite well done. "The Musicians of Bremen" often works as a sort of "Noises Off" blended with the old Muppet Show.
  • For fine family fare this holiday season, Le Petit Theatre wraps up quite a successful offering. 

Review: The Musicians of Bremen (Mary Rickard, Gambit)

  • What better way to simultaneously teach kids about theater and community activism...
  • New Orleans playwright Jon Greene wrote and directed this colorful and inventive musical, which is as much fun for adults as it is for kids. 
  • Greene draws his inspiration from Vaudeville, Groucho Marx, Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, Lucille Ball and other comic legends.
  • Judging by the children literally jumping out of their seats to hiss, boo and shout “Throw me something, mister,” social media isn’t missed one bit. 

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